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DFBHD player name = squeezedwords

a dark screencap of my game
if you searched squeezedwords in google after playing me in the online multiplayer game delta force black hawk down then you found me and this is my blog. i am still playing online and blogging, on the right you can see my most recent entrees on my twitter feed. i have bin playing on novaworld since 1998.


a high resolution self portrait

thats me on my bike or do you want to know more about squeezedwords

cow said ~ ok thats enough pictures and turned its head

at first this black cow stuck its tongue out for the camera then it did this lol

#follow squeezedwords on #wordpress too

follow squeezed words on word press join 1780 other followers i follow back in a day or so

squeezed words press release

the idea is to squeeze the juice out of the words and with that you need a word press that squeezes and presses the words out all over the internet right after you put the words in it just ask anyone that thats trying to squeeze out some words online

more about squeezed words

as we know squeezed words happen when a word farmer harvests a bunch of words and runs them through this fancy pants online do inky called a word press which then squeezes the words out all over the internet except for today.
a really big dish today due to a satellite malfunction repositioning it where it was aimed at a huge amount of orbiting space junk positioned in such an order that it reeked of intelligent design reflected the internet in to deep cyberspace for 12.3 seconds.
 meanwhile 450 light years away at the very end of a time space worm hole the signal was aimed at a flying saucer picks up the internet for 7 seconds and they head toward the worm hole in time space to study this machine that can squeeze words out at a range of 450 light years in less than 5 seconds.
from outer space next thing i know the space alien is at my back door trying to explain all this to me in some unique language that sounds like gurgling so i invited him in and he saw my computer and typed this post up for me and got his own wordpress which i secretly follow to this day

where do squeezdwords come from?

well words are grown on a word farm then they are harvested and the word farmer puts the words threw this fancy pants online machine called a wordpress that squeezes the words out all over the internet