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DFBHD player name = squeezedwords

a dark screencap of my game
if you searched squeezedwords in google after playing me in the online multiplayer game delta force black hawk down then you found me and this is my blog. i am still playing online and blogging, on the right you can see my most recent entrees on my twitter feed. i have bin playing on novaworld since 1998.


i might camp and snipe delta force black hawk down

getting my game on

due to the limitations of my computer i tend to wind up playing dfbhd for some online multiplayer action and i made maps before its an art and playings just fun so most of the time i come up in a server my ping is good and i go in as a hard hitting cqb solder and if my pings a little slow i play a med to ping lower for the server but i was playing one map with a fog rad and this guy who was a literal lag spike pinging high sat in the back of the map and plucked them off till he was at almost the top of the score so i asked him how do you do that in a fog map with such a bad ping and all? and he said the line of fire is the end of the streamer so im gona give this a try

dfbhd player name = squeezedwords

getting my game on

fixin to play this game because of donuts and coffee energy available, not good enough energy for a bike ride but good enough for the game. click the pic to see more about this game

gona get my game on

on a med team
after having a large chocolate milk i figure im gona go throw down on this game screen caped above. Usually i go in as a med but ill go cqb in a wink and lay it down thick on the right map click the pic to find out more or come join me i play under the name squeezedwords as the last update had long names so i used my blogs name

Y U aughta come play this game with me online

getting my game on on a med team 203 launched

click on any of the pictures to learn more about the multiplayer team death match being blown to smithereens game i like to play online and by the time U get there im already playing because i scheduled this post to automatically happen 1 hour later instead of publish immediately