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me on a banana peeler

hey thats me on a bike with some personality


green next shocker #bicycle

this bike took a lot of hard riding and lasted from way back when to not so long ago though it seems that suspension bicycles suspension protects the bike during hard riding

my next avalon turf bicycle

kind of like a tractor for when there is no sidewalk with the bmx bars and raised soft seat i can ride the ruffest terrain. a wonderful entry into the squeezedwords bicycle museum and jeffys bicycle museum for archival sake

me and a 1968 Rams Horn Fastback


back in 1968 i was too little for this bike but it makes a darn good exhibit for the squeezed words bicycle museum

me on a 1968 Rams Horn Fastback 2


this bike was a smooth ride for its shape and i even felt cool for a while … click the pic to go to my flickr and know more