almost 3000 visits come see

thats right heres a grab of the hit counter such a great number for such a young blog so i figured i would interrupt the regular scheduled posts and lay this post down about it … woot woot wooooooo woot


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  1. I shut my eyes when the stats page for my blog shows up, because I don’t want to know how many people visit mine. I once peeked, and there were a couple of days where I got zero visitors, which was just sad. There were also some days where I got over 100 hits, but then I got paranoid about who might be reading my blog. My ex-boss? My relatives, whom I haven’t said anything nice about? I know a blogger’s supposed to be happy when a lot of people read his/her blog, but in my case I’d be happy just to have a few friends and family visit, lol.

    • this blog for a while got so few visits i thought the counter was going to start in to the negative numbers so it is refreshing seeing some numbers even though anyone reading my blog will likely get board with it eventually

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